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Peringatan Risiko: Modal Anda berisiko. Exinity Limited diatur oleh FSC.

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Reversal Entry Trader Highest price calculated per daily bar for sell entry Lowest price calculated per daily bar for buy entry aiming 5-20 pips per position max per pair opened 4 trade drawdown maxed 20-25% and cut loss will be done by 15% report daily will be provided here -----------------------

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Recovery target
Last Friday we hit 20% drawdown on MAM, Vary on other account different risk different DD, due to uncertatin anomaly Yen and Poundsterling movement in asian hour But this confirming the system hidden stoploss is running well to protect our equity under 30% losses. ( or 45 on higher risk) Worry not, since our average monthly Growth is 25% So our equity will be in new high ( profitable area) with targeted under 1 month And our algorithm will be updated to coupe with this major currency movement in asian session. Stay tune, and keep pumping
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thanks god, recover speed is good
thanks god, recover speed is good, don't worry, new high soon
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Worry not , Recovery now lot faster than drawdown
Worry not , Recovery now lot faster than drawdown Sudden Movement on GBP without NEWS, We've been here very much time, see the curve since begining and we see new high multiple times too See ya in Christmas
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Greetings all, welcome PROFITS, welcome December
Greetings all, welcome PROFITS, welcome December All i got to do is make us all happy Closing this year with 400% Capital gain is a blessed Xmas and NYE Bukcle up, we still had 3 weeks to go before sleep well :)
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keep growing stable, happy profit
keep growing stable, happy profit KEEP CLIMBING UP! its all yours, free to choose
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Happy Profit All! Discount before November end
Happy Profit All! Discount before November end YES! our equity keep going up, thats we gave discount under 29% fee Only for subscriber jump in before november END No Worry, we keep hustle update to current market condition!
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Discount performance fee under 29% Only november
yesss, and rank 10 trader! we Discount performance fee under 29% Only before november ends subscribtion! guess the lowest price for big 10 traders right!
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Back on TOP, New High Thanks God, Problem Solved
We are back on TOP, New High, Thanks God I think, I'm Not Gonna tell and expose any hints new update on strategy in any forum Just Enjoy Ur Money every profits! And Be Patient Regards Keep Pumping Profits
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we coming up stronger than ever
we coming up stronger than ever the new algo is very updated with current market don't miss the NEW HIGH
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going up hill, keep profit and out of drawdoen
greeting all we gain stronger new high and basically, sorry for last month drawdown, we kept adjusting new market condition whole times that month Now, our new fundamental trigger already bullet proven and risk positioning per currency also running great, so many the feds and aud, cny red news, and we still eat pips everywhere thus the gold trade with very low risk, already fulfill pips expectancy above fyi we dont running grid our drawdown itself proven our system :) buckle up, its going to be strong up hill
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WELCOME TO NEW HIGH, Our now algo with better Fundamenal Analysist reading, ITs now has breach new high after the latest drawdown exact last one month with 292% total growht since inception of this account ( 6 mnth) Yes market is changing its new habit, the fundamental since the Great Reset from CV19 etc And now we had already keeping up with the new market condition :) The Equilibrium Get Ready to Dancing With The Market NB : Our Risk 3 Account little bit late to climbing the high watermark, since different trading term and condition with SWAP and slippage, with is already we keep up with
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The trade at this week we kept safe from aud news
The trade at this week is very very slow. To keep up with drawdown period. we avoiding AUD and CNY News that almost happened all day during trading hour AUD is comodity curency, and CNY is getting stronger effect in almost like USD with the Threat of China Sea War But we could see, last two days when there are not AUD and CNY news, we going back trade with our implemented "anti slippage strategy" We had 2 same trade with half lot each. Its working better with another Feeds from other LP that we could see already in new high We only need 2-3 free trade day without AUD and CNY news to be on HIGH WATER MARK / NEW HIGH And the better upgrade is next week, we could even had closed the trade periodictly divide by 2-4 dividing, so the slippage would be more lower. And we could see AUD and CNY red news is almost free everyday in next week at our trading hour. So, we will see more trades and well managed performance with our new algo strategy. See you in new High water mark nex
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Good News ! GOLD and BTC
Good News ! GOLD and BTC We Just finished the latest market condition Walk Forward Analytic and Optimization for XAU/USD and BTC/USD We back commence trading in GOLD on master Coiper low risk and BTC on risk 3 PAMM Both with very-very small risk Our risk 3 account we using 0.01 lot so does the normal risk, 0.01 lot Tiny isnt it :D No worry for other copier about the risk management, Stoploss is setup always with the latest support and resistance That been calculated on lower timeframe and dailly SnR plus Price Pivot with those very low risk, and tight SL, it would be fundamentally reading on curent market condition before we back using normal risk on those comodities and crypto Stay tune for more longer PIPS eater of our algorythm. Keep Pumping PIPS!!
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WE JUST BREAK OUR NEW HIGH WATERMARK Another new high for All time. Happy profits, Happy Trading Happy Weekend
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Break Even POIN - BEP for new EA Sets
Equity still going sideway this week, Break Even POIN - BEP Thankfully we don't hit several drawdown like others The new algo for GBPAUD that been silent since 3 weeks will be implemented back on Monday, it will rock like the first quarter back So does EURCHF, EURGBP will be on Board with higher trade and profit factor above 2.5 The Exit Strategy already finished tweaking on WFA and we had the monte carlo analysist going strong with lower WCS. So does EURCAD, we start re-optimizing and studying the WCS for more higher Profit Factor in live trade GBPCHF still going good so no need to retouch it. And one more thing. AUDNZD is keep ranging nicely, and new optimized sets already on board FYI, Each Entry for LONG VS SELL, had each own parameters set differently 1 EA for LONG BUY 1 EA for SHORT SELL Why is that? Every pair had its own currency strength characteristic! So this will be the Creamest Stuff on Our newest development See you next week in GREEN PROFIT Keep Pumping Pips!
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Closing week with new high
Greeting all. We close this week with NEW high in all account, although been in sideway gain in this early week. Thus the Drawdown kept being controlled well. We make some adjustment for next week It on weighted risk in several pairs like EURCHF and GBPAUD that performed very well before July, But now need to re-optimized with new Algorithm to adapt current price action condition. So we could gain more stable performance for the next weeks Happy Trading, Happy Profits
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Congrats all Our growth keep going stable up
Congrats all Our growth keep going stable up Even not as big as last month profits, but the algorhytm beeing more stable running with very controlable drawdown Our rank is now big 15, and most of the other PAMM/MAM is running with 30% Fee We still on 25% fee HWM. And congrats for the one who join us in the era of 17% Fee Soon we going to raised our fee to catch up with the other PAMM / MAM, but we promise we will on the lowest mark :) Lowest mark fee Controlable Drawdown, no grid, no martingale Finest trading windows, averagely we closed position dailly under 2 hour :) 2-4 hour trading dailly 4 day a week Very stress free for all of us :) Cool isnt it Congrats all, we closed this week with happy profits :)
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happy new high
now we keep going on top! drawdwon still controlable as usual from the start even result for the 3rd risk already in 421% gain! congrats to us all! congrats traders!
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Happy profits Happy weekend
Weekly Results : Keep gaining Up We close this weeks with : NORMAL RISK 6% 3 RISK 12% Happy pips, Happy Trade, Happy Weekend Traders
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welcome new weeks new algo - fee raised
stay tune for more development, the one who stay invest we ride together we grow together, fee soon to be raised more, so no jump in jump out when drawdown they jumpout its bad, will missed moment for good trades its happened multiple times so enjoy your current low fee
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This two days market ranging to small,
These two days market ranging to small, so the algorithm chooses to do small cutloss or closing in small amount of pips To prevent market start to trending unfavorable way in asian market. Relax, next day will be red ISM Manufacturing USD news. It will shake down the market for a while for more ranging move for many pairs, so we could have reversal profit more after it.
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we've triplet our balance growth
we've triplet our balance growth Soon our fee will be arrisen, Since so many investor going in and out and most of them who going out, always missing the recovery moment. as we had sl last friday now we already on very much new high. The investor who jump out, keep stay in drawdown. Soon, we wil arise the perfomance fee for this pamm. best regards
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Performance is better and keep optimized
we keep adapt with market condition, as the reversal is getting more juicy New optimized sets will be on platform next week for few pairs Soon our fee will be arrisen, Since so many investor going in and out and most of them who going out, always missing the recovery moment. as we had sl last friday now we already on very much new high. The investor who jump out, keep stay in drawdown. Soon, we wil arise the perfomance fee for this pamm. best regards
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New All time High
Today reports, Our risk 3 account in astonishing twice Growth in 1.5 month, this day alone is gain more than thirty percent growth, Our normal risk account in one and half growth in 3 month, this day alone gain fifteen percent growth As i said before, the reversal market volatility is at its JUICY moment, And next week will be another new optimized that performed much better more than the old one, The new development had been running in Optimized and Walk Forward for a month for 5 most profitable PAIRS we had. And our drawdown still being surpresed low As the diversification continuous development target is : Higher Profit with Lower Risk Good speed Keep Pumping Growth. Last Friday SL? Its an Itch :D Dont missed the New High Coming Soon Reversal market is on its sexy volatility, so its the moment for keep pumping profits!
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Recovery in One Day , our 3 times risk = NEW high
Recovery in One Day , our 3 times risk = NEW high Dont missed the recovery moment that lighting fast :) We going back on top. Thats where most traders fail, Always between emotional decicission VS statistic discipline Its Trading, Its Business A Business with Statistic Keep pumping pips
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Gold with Stop loss
Our gold system that already running, no worry, risk set for lowest :) Its semi grid but with stop loss. We had SL more than once last week, but we still able to run with out much distruptive Gold and breakout Systen Been optimized for DD as lowest as posible, So wouldnt distrup the account more than the main Reversal System could recover in a prediod last week dont missed the recovery train :)
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I think not many people here understand about Diversification on multicurrency, I've told many time, and still screaming about little bit losses or cutloss. The Equity clearly climbing up. The system AGGREGATE profits on multi currency, So, whenever 1st to 4 trades already closed with 3-5% profits in under 40 minutes The rest of opened trades will be closed in BEP or with minimum 0.1-0.5% losses before the asian Market start to trending in unfavourable way This means we still had 2-3% gain in profits daily. Why would we risk bigger when we already in 2-3% daily profits???? Its Trading, Its Statistic
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Keep Pumping Pips
Traders and Investors, welcome on board. You just join in the righ moment. Our portfolio is getting stronger, not just multipairs traded on Newyork close hour, The Main Reversal System But now we could see trend follow trading 24 hours on EURUSD, and GOLD XAUUSD The Risk 3 Account is more way difersified with BTCUSD - BIT COIN As market only know 4 movement, Reversal, Trend, Breakout and Ranging Now We already Have : Reversal Trading : Main Kingpin System Trend Swing Trading : On 2 Assets EURUSD and XAUUSD Breakout : Coming Soon on GBPUSD and EURUSD Ranging Sideway : On Development on EURGBD and AUDNZD We Milk the market as CREAM as POSIBLE No worry about over trade, those system surely happened on different trading season. Keep Pumping Pips!
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Gold System and Eurusd 24 Just start
Gold System and Eurusd 24 Just start As we can see in our account, its been tested well with moderate risk Soon we will go with the Normal (little bit bigger than now) risk. After we see few more trades with correct fundamental algorhytm that the EA reads. The EA will not trade much in ranging sideway market, but it will do precise point after strong trend is build, and did the entrance after pullback.
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New System Implemented : Trending and BReakout
basically, market had 4 cycle Breakout, Trending, Ranging / Sideway, Reversal Pullback Those 4 seasonal cycle. We keep developing Portfolio for diversification on all those Cycle, So, we hope we could handle all cycle season on going The Ranging, Pullback Already run for several months and we know the performance is satisfying and Trending has been utilized now for eurusd, and GOLD / XAUUSD soon will be maxed for multiple currency pairs. The last one is : BREAK OUT SYSTEM Its coming soon Stay Tune
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We are ready to add into our portfolio the new system : Trending 24-7 Gold But its not trade dailly routine, it really watching momentum to cath probability as HIGH as Posible Both had profit factor above 2:1 so, we should see more bigger and stable profits soon NB : Performance fee will be updgraded to 25% soon. This week is the last moment for new comers for joining under 17% performance fees
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we are soon raising fee to 20-25%
We are already ranked PAMM, and keep going, Soon, we will increase PAMM fee from 17% to 25%. So, for the investor who ride with us before this moment, no worry you should still had the 17% Fee. Its only for the new commers
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Analogy of a traders
This is a motivation post Funny, people scream when seeing 10% DD that been mentioned before. And jump out the boat. Then when the boat runnaway with 8-10% dailly profit. They lefted sink alone in the sea. Emotional stage of traders 1. Euphoria : finding profitable system, a grail, bla bla bla. <--- this system had 10-20% DD 2. Euphoria 2 : eating profits and worshipping the system. 3. Hitting 10-12% DD : Bashing out the system, jumpout the boat. 4. System release from stagnant and going to new high : Traders / investor, lefted drawn alone while others running up to hill with the system. Never judge our decission by Greed n Fear, This is trading, this is business, this is STATISTIC
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New PAIRS Introduced
Hi traders, investors. We are busy utilizing new pairs last week, so we have not updated the news lately like usually before. We are introducing new pairs for diversification, its been filtered and optimized extensively since the system has been running. We are now running USD related pairs that pushed the drawdown to the limit, and using multi tick data price feeds to optimize. The pair analyzed fundamental off USD related pair 4-6 hours before it was traded. So does the Cross pair being re-optimized too for using multiple tick price feeds from multiple brokers, so we could aggregate the system more robustly. We would see more trades too from USD related pairs like EURUSD to USDCAD Our goals built the system as robust as possible for the long run, not a lot of profits in one night and bad news the next day. But at least 3-4 times in a month. We could see a lot of profits in a single night as we had before multiple times. Happy trading, happy profits. Its a marathon,
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New System = New High. Cheers
Dear Traders, Investors Its been a good week for us reaching New High with very satisfiying Results We done handling the slippage issue, as market liquidity change, we should adapt faster than others Curency Pairs Portfolio rebalancing also adapt to fundamental current condition Thats whats make our algo trading keep running good. As i believed, there is no PERFECT and GRAIL system. The GRAIL is our ability to adapt back to back with live market condition. Thats why i always said, never sell my EA, because who didnt do "adapt" will be left behind Happy Weekend, Happy Profits See you all next weeks, and Keep Pumping Pips :) NB : Hope our algo surprise gettin ready before next week trade session :)
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Happy profits, happy new development
Happy profits, happy new development Hi traders, We've manage the slippage problem now :) The normal Risk Account, had been going to new high period im writing this news. So does good news for 3xTimes risk account also had eliminate slippage problem too. The key is New development keeping up always with market change And smart move who invest in drawdown area, its the same as stock buying, buy when people fear, Because its the moment when stock company working hard to recover Does the trader working hard to redevelop the system. Welcome on board Happy trading, Happy Profits
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We will back to high water mark again
worry not traders, we only had rough weeks. The drawdown is the most psychological reason for traders investor or any business will failed of succes. system beeing re-optimized to exit more efficiently by close pips But we had it covered now. For trade copier to get better price at entry and exit. with +4-5 pips better than we ussually had before. That makes us entry and exit trades more efficiently, and faster This week we encountered with AUD and CAD distraction. So we wouldnt took position againts the major trend. Technicly, algorithmycly, and fundamentaly we improved and adapt. I had bigger fund also with this system. We should back on profits soon. You could see Huge account. when they got drawdown people screams out and jump out the boat. But now we could see, who stay on the boat that always continously improve they made it to the HAPPY LAND. Buckle Up. Risk BEEN managed corectly Then NICE THINGS come thru. Happy Trading, Happy Profits
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not much pair, but focused on profitable pairs
Hello traders, investors Happy Profits, As I mentioned before last week. This time i will focused on most profitable curency pairs only, with more predicted risk As you see, we only trade few pairs but with bigger lot. a smaller lot that you see, is a trial of our new algo, and its matched with the old profitable one. The most revolutionary of our system is about the fundamental analysis things. Its more accurately predicted the way of the trade than before. So, stay chill. As I mentioned always. This Algorhytm is always Adapt the current market condition Fundamentaly and Technically
Dari Manajer strategi
Dear traders, and investors. The next week, we will revisited more Safe and profitable Strategy Portfolio We are focusing More pair that made most profits, while anihilating pairs that didnt profitable or had potential BIG DD. Like EURCAD or EURNZD, or EVEN GBPUSD that easily moved wild because its USD related. That we know USD is getting shaken real bad from the FEDS decision last few weeks. You will see more rarea trades, but when it Comes to trade, it would be a HEAD SHOT with bigger Volume The USD related Pair wil be used more rarely after our Fundamental Analytic system reoptimized to adapt with this USA condition. Some non USD pair also effected, like EURCAD or EURNZD, since eurusd usually corelated direct with USD news. Now we going to run only 5 focused cureny with bigger lot. But We will back comencing multiple 12 curency trades in another 10-15 days. Keep safe and more profits.
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Risk adjustment Weeks, and Quoestion: minor losses
Im confidence and happy, since Break event point equity growht is much faster thatn i predicted. My montecarlo analysist and Porftfolio analysyst with walkforward showing, BEP would be in arround 4 month. But we already there with few profit soon We close this week with Good Moderate Profit Not Big Boombastic like last week 1. Im assuring to keep the trade going even we had FOMC and Joe Bidden Speech during our trading window. But with lot SAFER RISK, that eventually still consistenly growth our equity. 2. I am aiming more moderate approach for risk portfolio, if you can see, im using smaller lot than last week. So Many USD big News this week, but i had more confidence, to running longger pips with smaller risk, and wich pair to keep going during US HOT NEWS, it will be much potential than before. so the drawdown is suppressed much lower. 3. And since next week, only AUD and NZD news that get hot RED So we could trade more and much that this week. Happy Trading, Happy Profits
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BIG USD NEWS : Lower risk MODE ON 29 April : We going to head a BIG NEWS on USD related Curency, so we will adjust the RISK of All USD Related Curency to the Smallest Risk. While Keep Trading, the NON Realted USD Curency to standart like usual. Safety is first must comes as priority
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75% Gain in 5 weeks, Drawdown keept under 10%
Thanks God, We are in position of : 75% Gain in 5 weeks, Drawdown keept under 10% Much faster than we predicted, Since we area keept evolve and adapt our algorhytm New System and Strategies Keep beeing monitored and evaluated on DAILLY BASIS Now We adding more diversifitation smoothly with new self learning machine algo, and also doin walkforward analysist on Dailly Bassis So we adding few more curency pair like EURCAD, EURNZD, USDCHF, that not correlated with our old system Thus the old system keep beeing revised continuilly, Wich perform good we keept adding position with a bit higher risk. While the lower perform we keept running with lower risk, while maintaining the self learning and walkforward until we satisfied. The End Results is, we keep pushing the equity drawdonw lower, while Equity Curve Smoother in REAL LIFE TRADING Happy Profits, Happy Trading
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Still coming up strong. 5% Profit today
Still, No single day loss. The fundamental reading. Play role big in risk management here. Even tough our average dailly profit coming up stronger. We not gonna increase risk on moneymanagement. Contrary of it. We aint gonna greed or overconvidence. Consistency is the key. We going to do to push drawdown lower. So capital safety would be priority. We diversified more our currency. To maintain profit with lowered more the equity drawdown.
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Dear Traders and Investor, Thanks to the market and our hardwork paid off this week. OUR ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY TRADING SYSTEM IN POSITION OF : 50% PROFIT - WITH EQUITY MAXED 7% DD, in LESS than one month. We are twice step ahead from our two month targetted goals WITH NO SINGLE DAY IN LOSS.! We create the algorhytm not just in single code and done. And we never sell Our System as EA Since We continuing to adapt developed the Algorhytm to keep up with current markets condition. New Pair was added, like USDCHF, GBPUSD And soon You will see CHFJPY and EURJPY took the trades too. We keep mixing the Moneymanagement and Risk Management Further to suppressed Drawdown, while maximizing Equity Growht Remember, this Adaptive Algorhytm is not 100% TECHNICAL, But its read and calculated FUNDAMENTAL ANALYIST of EACH Curency NB : New Surprise will coming soon to push the Break Even Point (100% Profit) FASTER, HAPPY PROFIT, HAPPY TRADING
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We have netted above 30% profit per 19 day
Our main goal is Break even point 100% Profit in 4 month we dont rush, since consistency is what we aiming for We dont use grid or any martinggale system, with every trade is individual with individual tp and sl for safety reason. 25% profit a month with maxed 20% drawdown is our main goal But we have surpased that And we developed new curency pair into portfolio, to aiming bigger profit and lower drawdown as diversification. So next month we aiming for 40% profit monthly. No worry, our algo always calculated fundamental analysis news and currency strengh. Amd we keep the strategy evolved every time to adapt with current market condition. Happy profit, and stay safe
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today we netted 1% profit, wich totaled 19% since
today we netted 1% profit, which totaled to 19% equity growth since the first trading activity for two weeks We could aim smoother and more consistent equity and profit growth with our algorithm that also read fundamental news release now. This week we hope that we will be able to net more good results than the last week. Keep Profit and stay Safe
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This week we gaining total new 4% Profit
This week we gaining total new 4% Profit Almost 16% since begining The last 4% profit this week due to many night news, as yesterday joe bidden suddenly had red alert speech at the beginning of trade session. The algorithm should have closed the position earlier. And then run less risk. half lot by the week. See you on monday with more profits
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Been 1st week of our trading has gain 12 % profit
today we netted 11% since the first trade there is cut loss minimum for some pair. but at all we still gaining profit. next week will be new fresh trade
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1st trade 15/3/21
We Netted Profit 3.6% Trading Will be started next day On thuesday risk will be reduced since FOMC News are all red
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